The World’s First Device To Combat Poor Posture Through AI Technology & Vibration

HoldOn EyeCare Clip is designed to combat poor posture and screen habits caused by the modern digital world. It alerts you to support healthy screen use in your daily life. Don’t let poor posture and a foggy head change the way you live.


Your Reliable Source

A Posture Device
On A Pair Of Glasses

The 6-axis sensor measures the angle of your neck through your lower back and alerts you to keep from slouching. Improved posture results in back and neck relief, deeper breathing, and increased mood and energy levels.

Avoid Nearsighted At All Costs

By 2050 it is estimated that half the world’s population will become nearsighted, a condition that causes blurry vision for far objects and the need to squint to see clearly. Built in range sensors keep users from viewing screens too closely. Reduce headaches and eyestrain with simple, built in alerts.

Vibration And App Alerts

The EyeCare Clip mobile application tracks screen time, number of warnings, close screen usage, and spine burden. Vibration alerts are given through the actual clip with key indicators when the mobile device is out of range.

The actual clip only weighs 7 grams. EyeCare Clip will not tip the glasses to one side.


Clip On and Built-In Technology

Our Featured EyeCare Products

“Place your order today to receive a complimentary pair of Blue-ray blocking eyeglasses, valued at $10, at no additional cost.”

Make sure to download the dedicated mobile application to keep track of your eye habits! The same app can be used for the EyeCare Clip. Available on both iOS and Android devices. “Android tablets cannot be used at this time.”


How has artificial intelligence (AI) been incorporated into the HoldOn EyeCare Clip?

There is a common misconception that artificial intelligence (AI) only refers to machine learning, when in fact it encompasses a much broader range of techniques and applications. The HoldOn EyeCare Clip is a great example of this, as it incorporates AI in the form of sensors that detect the user’s posture, lighting conditions, and proximity to electronic devices. This data is then collected and analyzed in an accompanying app, allowing the user to track their habits and work towards better eye and posture health.

While the HoldOn app may eventually be able to leverage machine learning algorithms to improve its insights and recommendations, for now it primarily serves as a tool to help users form good habits through AI-assisted monitoring and tracking. By expanding our understanding of what AI can do beyond just machine learning, we can appreciate the many ways that it can be applied to improve our daily lives.

Does ClearElectron have a patent on the EyeCare Clip technology?

Yes, currently the patent is pending in all countries.

How long do the EyeCare Clip last once they are charged?

Maximum 48 hours

What kind of partnership is ClearElectron looking for EyeCare Clip?

We are looking for qualified exclusive distributors in every country besides Japan. We would like to partner with companies experienced in marketing and distributing similar products to a global audience. We can manufacture the clips for our partners or lease the patent to them so they can manufacture the products themselves. Please contact us for further details.

How much do the EyeCare Clip weigh?

The EyeCare Clip weighs 7 grams. The EyeCare Clip will not weigh down and tilt the glasses to one side.

Does the mobile app work on both iOS and Android?

Yes, on iOS 8.0 or above, Android 5.0 or above






HoldOn EyeCare Clip: The Revolutionary Device for Better Eye Habits and Posture

Introducing the HoldOn EyeCare Clip – the AI-powered device that protects your eyes and improves your posture for a healthier and happier you!

NISHISHINJUKU, SHINJUKU-KU,, TOKYO, JAPAN, March 23, 2023 / — ClearElectron Co., Ltd., an innovative tech company, has released the HoldOn EyeCare Clip to protect people’s eyes from the risk of nearsightedness and eye fatigue. The device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and clips onto your current prescription or non-prescription eyewear for a versatile and straightforward option.

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ClearElectron unveils HoldOn EyeCare Clip at Vison Expo East 2023 – An Innovation in Eye Health Support

The world’s first device with AI technology and vibration to combat myopia and poor posture will be unveiled at Vision Expo East 2023

NISHISHINJUKU, SHINJUKU-KU,, TOKYO, JAPAN, March 9, 2023 / — The HoldOn EyeCare Clip from ClearElectron Co., Ltd. will be showcased at the highly anticipated Vision Expo East in New York City from March 17–19, 2023. The business will display the world’s first device designed to combat poor posture and support good eye habits at its booth, #PAN 2144.

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Introducing the HoldOn EyeCare Clip, Japan’s Latest Buzz for Tackling Poor Posture and Nearsightedness

The Japanese-made HoldOn EyeCare Clip is the ultimate gadget for a posture-friendly lifestyle and healthy eyes.

NISHISHINJUKU, TOKYO, JAPAN, February 24, 2023 / — With its ground-breaking HoldOn EyeCare Clip product, Tokyo-based tech firm ClearElectron Co., Ltd. has captivated Japan. This innovative gadget, which was created to aid users in maintaining a healthy posture and halt the development of nearsightedness, has been making headlines in the Japanese media and generating interest among the public.

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Japanese invention that prevents nearsightedness and enhances posture

HoldOn EyeCare Clip is introduced to the world by ClearElectronCo., Ltd.

NISHISHINJUKU, TOKYO, JAPAN, February 14, 2023 / —

The unique “HoldOn EyeCare Clip1” was just released to the world market by Tokyo-based tech business ClearElectron Co., Ltd2. Modern AI technologies included into this clip-on device assist users maintain healthy posture and safeguard their eyes from the risk of nearsightedness.

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“ClearElectron Co. Ltd Introduces Revolutionary HoldOn EyeCare Clip at Vision Expo East 2023 to Combat Myopia and Poor Posture”

ClearElectron Co., Ltd. is excited to announce that they will be exhibiting at Vision Expo East in New York on March 17-19, 2023. The company will be located at booth #PAN 2144 and will be introducing a new innovative product called HoldOn EyeCare Clip.

Vision Expo East is the premier event for eye care professionals, with over 400 exhibitors showcasing the latest in technology, products, and services. The event attracts over 15,000 attendees from around the world, making it the perfect platform for ClearElectron Co., Ltd. to showcase their new product.

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Positive data results from a product similar to EyeCare Clip. An effectiveness study of a wearable device (Clouclip) intervention in unhealthy visual behaviors!


Introduction: The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of an intervention for unhealthy visual behaviors of school-age children using a wearable device (Clouclip).

 Method: The design was a self-controlled prospective study. Clouclip, with the vibration alert disabled, was first applied to measure baseline near-work behaviors in the first week. The vibration alert was then enabled to signal unhealthy visual behaviors (near-work distance < 30 cm and >5 seconds, or near-work distance <60 cm for >45 minutes) for 3 weeks. Near-work behaviors were measured again at the first week and the first month after intervention, respectively. The changes in behaviors between the baseline and the first week and the first month after intervention were analyzed.

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Smart Glasses with a Purpose: Tokyo Company Launches AI Technology to Protect Users’ Eyes

September 23, 2021, 16:00 GMT

HoldOn Ai/ Glasses Designed to Prevent Bad Habits like Eye Strain and Bad Posture

NISHISHINJUKU, SHINJUKU-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, September 23, 2021 / — As smart glasses continue their rise in popularity, one company in Tokyo is taking the trend a step further by using artificial intelligence to help protect the person wearing them. Unlike traditional smart glasses that are primarily used for hands-free demands, HoldOn Ai/Glasses come equipped with alerts that analyze if a person is sitting too close to a device, if the lighting is too dark for reading, and even if they’re slouching or exhibiting bad posture.

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New Smart Glasses to Be Introduced in the United States This Month by Tokyo-Based Inventor After Success in Japan

Eye care professionals based in the U.S. are needed to test the new HoldOn Ai/Glasses, designed to help prevent nearsightedness and develop eye-friendly habits.

Tokyo, Japan, Sept. 16, 2021 – New AI-based eyeglasses that tackle weak eyesight using high-precision sensors will debut in the U.S. at a vision-care trade show this month.

ClearElectron, the Tokyo-based inventor of HoldOn Ai/Glasses, is searching for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians in the U.S. to test the smart glasses, which are already being recommended to patients in Japan.

Eye care specialists can introduce their patients to the newest technology while also helping to improve their vision, health, and lifestyle,” said Shiken Ono, chief executive officer of ClearElectron.

HoldOn Ai/Glasses use sensors and vibrations to monitor poor posture, note the distance between the wearer and a screen, measure a room’s brightness, and calculate screen time. By alerting wearers to their eye-harming habits, the glasses lower the risk of myopia and vision problems due to the overuse of electronic devices.

The glasses will be introduced to the U.S. market at Vision Expo West from Sept. 23-25 in Las Vegas.

ClearElectron Announces Launch Of Revolutionary New AI-Driven Smart Glasses

September 09, 2021, 17:22 GMT

NISHISHINJUKU, SHINJUKU-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, September 7, 2021 / — HoldOn Ai/ Glasses, invented by a Tokyo-based company has taken Japan by storm and has been endorsed by celebrities as well as having been featured on major television shows. HoldOn Ai/ Glasses are equipped with the latest AI technologies to help protect the wearer’s eyes from the risk of nearsightedness, while helping to maintain a posture-friendly lifestyle.

Tokyo, Japan – Aug 25th 2021, ClearElectron Co, Ltd. has made international news this week as they announce the release of their AI-driven eyeglasses that will not only detect if someone is sitting too close to an electronic device, but can also detect if it’s too dark or if they are sitting with bad posture. HoldOn Ai/ Glasses also provides a daily report to help acquire eye-friendly habits, potentially saving people from spending unnecessary time and money replacing eyeglasses and multiple visits to the eye doctor.
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ClearElectron will be at Vison Expo West 2021 in Las Vegas

Clearelectron will be introducing the Ai/ Glasses to the U.S. market on September 23rd to the 25th 2021  at Vison Expo West 2021. The booth number is P21075. Be the first to check out the Ai/ Glasses in person!

Our interview with Mr. Naoki Ogi was published in the magazine, “ESSE” April edition.

Our interview with Mr. Naoki Ogi was published in the magazine, “ESSE” April edition. 
This magazine is available at book stores all over Japan.

The introduction of Ai/Glasses in the TV show, “ZIP” on Feb, 26th by Nippon TV

Today, on Feb.26th, Ai/Glasses were introduced in the special corner of the TV show, “ZIP!” which investigated things which are good for eyes and things which are not good for eyes. Link

Ai/Glasses are now sold at Bic Camera Shinjukunishiguchi store.

Ai/Glasses are now available for sale at started at Bic Camera Shinjukunishiguchi store and their online store.

The sale locations in Big Camera Shinjukunishiguchi store are the planning & exhibition space, START UP SQUARE on the 4th floor which opened today in the glasses section. 

You can actually test real “Ai/Glasses” there. Link.

Ai/Glasses have been released to improve children’s bad habits in their lifestyle which have been accelerated by digitalization!

Clear Electron Co., Ltd. has started reserving the sale of Japan’s first wearable devices. “Ai/Glasses” will protect your eyes from the living environment where electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. have been spread.

The 6-axis motion sensor measures the positions of eyes and the neck and the micro-CPU processes the information with Ai, then, the data is transferred to a smartphone by Bluetooth. On the designated app of your smartphone, you can check the data on your child’s eye and neck positions and habits of them. It also provides you with proper advice about the right positions and habits of your kids’ eyes and neck.

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About US

ClearElectron Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures and sales smart glasses, seat batteries, flexible displays, mini e-bikes and drones. 

Company Profile

ClearElectron Co., Ltd.
Established: 2015
Capital: 30 million yen
CEO: Shiken Ono
Group employees: 30 people

Business content
Development, manufacturing and sales of smart glasses, sheet batteries, flexible displays, electronic equipment, devices and drones and peripherals. Development, manufacturing and sales of Mini-E-Bike

■HoldOn Ai/Glasses that support good eye habits
HoldOn Ai/Glasses sales page for children

HoldOn Ai/Glasses adult sales page

■ Electrically assisted bicycle “ HoldOn Q1J” sales page


■ Paper battery thermometer “ClearKeep” project page

■Flexible display “Royole”

Operating media
Eye health information site “HoldOn-Ai”

Head office location
La Tour Shinjuku 709, Central Park Tower 6-15-1,
Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,160-0023


Person in charge: Teppei Thomas Tanoue

Parent company

Clearstone Co., Ltd.


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Business partnership with the EyeCare Clip

Thank you very much for your interest in our Ai/Glasses & EyeCare Clip product line. We are actively seeking corporate partnerships or investment opportunities.

We are currently open to:

  • Technological/operational partnerships
  • EyeCare Clip distribution
  • ODM/OEM partnerships

If you are interested in learning more about our advanced technologies please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch.

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